Thursday, January 25, 2007

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Raible Designs | Changing Struts' bean:message to JSTL's fmt:message

Changing Struts' bean:message to JSTL's fmt:message - Struts Message Resources

Struts Message Resources

Struts best practices - Java World

Struts best practices - Build the best performing large applications By Puneet Agarwal,, 09/13/04
Struts Tip #2 - Use DispatchAction to organize related operations
Action classes handle related operations, often evidenced by their name. A package might include separate RegCreate, RegSave, and RegDelete Actions, which just perform different operations on the same RegBean object. Since all of these operations are usually handled by the same JSP page, it would be handy to also have them handled by the same Struts Action.
Struts Tip #3 - Use LookupDispatchAction for a JavaScript-free dispatch
If JavaScript is not an option, another good alternative is the LookupDispatchAction [org.apache.struts.actions.LookupDispatchAction]. This object is a little more work to setup that the original DispatchAction, but lets you use this technique without using JavaScript as a crutch.


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