Monday, October 22, 2012

Android Wifi tethering

A short note on Android hotspot/adhoc network sharing. I have been thinking to buy a Galaxy Nexus 7 for sometime. The hindrance so far has been Android devices inability to connect to Ad-hoc network.

My conclusion is that if you are running on Android 4.x+ it is easy to tether network connection between Android devices only.

In case you want to share/tether/hotspot to an Android device there is no easy way out. For example if you want to share iPhone's internet connection with an Android device you possibly cannot (at least its not straight forward). Vice versa is possible. That is you can share your internet connection from an Android device with an iPhone(At least the latest Android versions).

If you are running 4.x + Android version you do not need to install any additional application to tether. The stock ICS+ OS supports WiFi tether and few other ways to share internet connection.

What I was successfully able to test

* I could tether Google Galaxy Nexus(GNex) with a Samsung Galaxy S2. GNex acted as Hotspot.
* I could tether Galaxy S2 with GNex. Samsung Galaxy S2 acted as Hotspot.

In both the cases Devices were running on Android version 4.1.x +

So, it is a safe bet to buy Nexus 7 in case you have an android device Running on Android ICS. But if you own an iPhone and thought you can share the internet connection through that, well you may be in a fix. Think again.

I am posting this for other users who may have wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why their Android devices does not detect Ad-hoc networks.


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