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Longest word in English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Longest word in English

Meet Joe Bloggs: Episode 26: Meet The New Boss

Meet Joe Bloggs

Meet Joe Bloggs: Episode 12: Bug Reports

Episode 12: Bug Reports

Language Log: Text laundering

Text laundering

Yesterday I asked:

Is there a word for thesaurus-driven mis-substitution to disguise authorship? I've used the neologism "thesaurusizing" to describe the process of replacing words with fancier equivalents in order to impress readers. You could use the same word here, but the motivation is different, and it would be nice to have a word that expressed more directly the dishonesty involved.

Language Log: Native language? Plagiarism

Native language? Plagiarism

Keith Handley used empirical methods to determine the origins of the mysterious texts at The Presidential Coalition's web site, and found... plagiarism!

From Keith via email:

I looked at and my first impression was that the biographies were done by a 6th- or 7th-grader, using an encyclopedia and

Language Log: Academically powerful words

Academically powerful words

While Geoff and Eric are listing the words they find most distasteful in titles -- "revisited", "redux", and "whither" for Geoff, "status", "nature", and "role"/"rĂ´le" for Eric, though Eric promises more to come -- Stanford Daily columnist Katie Taylor has been cataloguing the "catchwords of the literati" in a 1/17/07 humor piece. Taylor thoughtfully provides a Top Ten list of words that


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