Monday, October 25, 2004


PLATFORM | schizophrenia

By the time I get over with this article I hope that it turns out to be a lucid one. It's an attempt to figure out the role of beliefs. Humans have evolved over generations. Numerous tales have been narrated, I have a very faded memory of few, and I think I read them. Then it had been tales, today faded stories of men. Each time talking about ethics fills my conscience with fraught, however it’s seldom. I think I’m obsessed. Let me be an intrepid for I have always loved to be brusque.

I would fragrantly disregard the spectators. We build societies to exist, to function together and gain from each other, and this demands common beliefs, common practices and similar life style. That is how we are today. Rolling back in the past; in initial stage of evolution we hunted and at times we were predators of the predators. We then had been as shameless as an infant, we had no culture of clothing and we existed naked. Then we had no vicious walls of society that divides men by class, creed, colour, language, practices, sex etc. We perspicaciously understood one truth to survive; the truth was ‘survival of the fittest’. We existed then and we exist still, yet it’s an enigma and not. Only demand then was food and leisure might have been coitus. Did we have desires then? Who is an ascetic? Define it and we had been ascetic!

We formed tribes to co-exist, that was next step towards getting civilized, did we really? Did it not breed hatred among people? Wasn’t that the moment when we started to cultivate desires? There was cohesion and there was repulsion. Ahoy, yet another jest! That was no end to evolution rather there was a brisk sessions of evolutions. We were getting cultured, we were evolving and we were ameliorating our miseries, were we? We invented ways to communicate, we grew in numbers and so did our desires. We are in a form today, where we express ourselves according to situations; luxuries that were never thought of or even dreamt in weirdest dreams are our necessity today. I am not a soothsayer and I have no premonitions of how world would be a century later and what form of society would exist then, yet it’s a fascination which I would like to fulfill.
That was a vague idea; rather my statements were spiteful, in the sense that we are more like parasites today in society. There are so many aspects and necessities that we depend upon. We feel crippled when one or more is absent or we are deprived of. So what follows further is what we are today. Travesty of life is, people can be taught a phenomenon but a phenomenon can’t be emulated on their behalf. Just as I might successfully impart the skill, how a dish can be cooked, I can’t digest the dish on your behalf. Philosophies have always been corroborated some of them being supplements to the predecessors few being supplants and rest innovations. Innovations demand ardor, but then culture teaches me to co-exist. Innovations demand dedication to belief that I want and have to believe in order to innovate, in contrary society exist when we learn to agree to beliefs formed by our ancestors. When we do so what do we innovate? There is no revolt in such a dogmatic society but that’s a paradox too we would not evolve.
What are we into? Shall I corroborate? Rather I would put forward some allusions, innovations are sin in society isn’t it? Wasn’t Galileo persecuted and paralyzed by elitist? He was an egotist who kissed and cuddled death but did not give up his beliefs. He was met with hatred in a self deluded world where culture has imbibed itself into the society over a life time. Contention is aftermath of any innovation. Even if the mass is gullible it’s stringent and filled with malice towards men who say no. Culture screams to me, be an altruist, to offer myself to the needy. To offer myself to needy I need to desire to see people who suffer. What a dilemma! Needy people are what? Parasites? I don’t want to be one. Changes are ludicrous to the society for society’s horizon has a limited domain with mere relegations. The perspicacious men are indefatigable in lust for their quest, for them the sole reason of self existence is the question that they seek an answer. These men are the ones who don’t stroll towards tryst with destiny but audaciously and stoically stride.

Note: I wrote this one in early 2003


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